Subject:           Letter of Intent  for Deploying JPods® Solar-powered Network

Date:                _________________

Scope:             This Letter of Intent notes a mutual intent by the ___City/Government____ (GOVERNMENT) and JPods LLC (JPODS) to have an operational solar-powered JPods mobility network in ____Location____ (LOCATION). A timeline and scope of work shall be agreed to by ____date_____.

Background:    The GOVERNMENT and JPODS have a mutual intent to implement the a solar-powered, grade-separated network (NETWORK) with the following characteristics:

  • Sustainability: Provide its citizens with sustainable infrastructure.
  • Durability: Operate networks regardless of the price, or availability, of oil.
  • Equity: On-demand personal mobility for people regardless of age, ability, or wealth.
  • Cleanliness: Zero-emissions mobility by collecting at least 8,000 vehicle-miles of solar electricity per mile of guideway per typical day.
  • Safety: Mobility safety in compliance with ASTM F24 standards.
  • Logistics: Mobility for freight of various categories in podcars designed for those purposes.
  • Fiscally Responsible: Operate without government subsidies.

Actions:           To further that common interest both parties intend to proceed to achieve the following by DATE:

  1. The GOVERNMENT will make a best efforts to adopt the 5X5 Standard of the Solar Mobility Ordinance to establish a known regulatory environment.
    • Privately funded networks 5 times more efficient than roads (125 mpg),
    • Pay 5% of gross transportation revenues for non-exclusive use of the air space over Public Rights of Way (ROW),
    • Are regulated by the West Virginia Division of Labor, Amusement Rides & Amusement Attractions, and ASTM F24 Standards,
  2. The GOVERNMENT will make a best efforts to adopt a Network Franchise Ordinance similar to franchises for cable TV, cell towers, and power utilities.
  3. The GOVERNMENT intends to grant ROW for the NETWORK for a period of 30 years.  The NETWORK will use this ROW to provide passenger transport, freight transport, trash, construction materials, emergency medical services, and other services as may arise within the capabilities of the NETWORK.
  4. As plans are submitted for the NETWORK, the GOVERNMENT may reject part or all the plans within 30 days for any reason whatsoever. After 30 days, or once the plans are approved, a legally binding contract is formed.
  5. JPODS intends to fund, build and operate the NETWORK meeting all mutually agreed to specifications and esthetic considerations.
  6. JPods retains the right to limit the NETWORK operations to assure function and safety.
  7. Both parties will assign an official point of contact and agree to expedite action items to assure reasonable and efficient compliance with requirements.
  8. The GOVERNMENT will aid in collaborating with other government agencies and stakeholders as may be required and/or beneficial.
  9. JPODS intends to form a Local Mobility Company (LMC) to own and operate the competed network once it is certified for operation. This local ownership is intended to assure the NETWORK remains focused on local needs.

Individuals signing this agreement have the authority to act for their parties and in support of the agreement.  The items specified in the Letter of Intent are within the capacity of each party to fulfill. This Letter is not legally binding. Any money and effort spent by either party is at their own risk.

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???                                                                    William James

ZZZZ                                                                  JPods, Inc.

Title                                                                  President